Friday, August 12, 2011

All Water flows into Canada

Ok, so I admit it.  We haven't taught the kids great geography.  If you ask my kids "Where does the water go?" They'll give you an answer.  "Canada!"
West Canada Creek, Herkimer!
I think it all started when we took my friend Harriet, visiting from the good ol' UK, to Niagara Falls.  Lilia, ever inquisitive, wanted to know where we were, and all about the flags.  (The American Flag is totally her favorite flag, followed by the Canadian Flag.)  And so after that, she associated Canada with waterfalls.  One day she asked if the water we were passing was going to Canada.  We said Yes, for no reason other than being lazy parents not really wanting to figure out where that particular body of water was going.  After that, it became a joke, one that Liam quickly picked up.

EVERY time we pass a body of water, Liam says "Where's the water going?  Canada?" (Which by the way, is the cutest word to escape a 2 1/2 year olds' lips.) over and over and over again.  It usually is proceeded with us saying "Yep, the water is going to Canada."  then "Yes buddy.  The water is going to Canada."  to "Canada. Yes. YES."

So if you are ever lost, find some water, and followed it.  You can at least find Canada, right?  (My kids are going to hate me one day.)

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